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The Dream Catcher


His fingers played the keyboard so rapidly that the page he was writing was full of mistakes. He peeked at what he has written so far, frowned, and closed his laptop. Then, he went to the kitchen and grabbed a can of beer. The can-opening sound gave him a cosy feeling. He can rest, at last.

He went to the sofa and stretched his legs, took the remote controller. The channels were rapidly following each other, not catching his interest. He turned the television off and drank his beer in silence. The bubbles tickled his nose and put him at ease.

After finishing the can, he crushed it and put it on the table. Then he stood up, reached towards the ceiling and yawned. Time to sleep.

The bed was welcoming. Tranquil, he went to the bathroom, showered, changed his clothes and crawled under the blanket. A thin beam of light was entering the room through the slightly open curtain.

The technique that he was learning has not worked yet, and he did not expect it to work today either. Nevertheless, he decided to try. He closed his eyes, relaxed his head, his shoulders, his body and limbs. During the relaxation, he was trying not to think about anything, to rest his mind, to make himself sleepy. Relaxed, he started to wait.

His body was seriously dissatisfied at first. It itched and twitched, all particles screaming for action, for movement, for life. He didn’t listen, he went further. Not swallowing, not blinking, breathing as steadily as possible. And not thinking, waiting. Slowly, this position became bearable, and he was hibernating for at least fifteen minutes. Then, he lost time, breathed in and breathed out, breathed in and breathed out. It was only him, in the darkness.

Suddenly, his phone rang. He was petrified. Calming himself down, he moved his arms and legs, his head and fingers, and slowly turned to the night stand where the phone lied down.

‘Hello?’ he answered to the disrespectful stranger, who even didn’t bother to apologize for disturbing, and hung up immediately. He rolled back to his previous position, his body lying straight.

And he tried again, relaxed and concentrated, but this time with no luck. He couldn’t lie straight any more, couldn’t breathe steadily, couldn’t keep his eyeballs fixed. He sighed and got out of the bed. Going to the kitchen, he was touching the wall with his fingers as if to make himself sure that he is awake. In the kitchen, he went to the fridge and took another can of beer. Cold liquid streamed into his stomach. Still standing by the fridge, he finished the can and went back to bed, feeling the wall with his fingers. Now, the bed felt welcoming again because he got quite chilly. He climbed in, coiled up into a ball, put the blanket on his head, and fell asleep immediately.


Snatched out of a heavy dream, he screamed and opened his eyes. Suddenly, it felt as if the ceiling fell on him. He tried to move, but unsuccessfully. He was paralyzed, only his eyes moved back and forth, searching. His mind was clear. He breathed in and out several times, calmed himself down, relaxed and smiled. Finally, he succeeded.

He desired for what many would consider the most terrifying part. He wished to be paralyzed and vulnerable, he wished not to be able to wake up nor to sleep again. For only then, he knew, he can meet him.

His eyes were piercing the room here and there. It was dark, but he already could see well. The window, the book closet, the wardrobe, the plant, the bed. He was searching, waiting, longing.

And then he saw him. A dark shadow in the corner. The Dream Catcher.

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